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European Nightcrawlers Worms

European Nightcrawlers Worms

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European night crawlers are used as composting worms; the fact is that they are best known as bait worms as they tend to grow up to 3-5 inches. Just like other types of night crawlers they are popular because they can be used as bait for different species of fish. In most cases, people use them for Trout, Bass, Sunfish, and Walleye.

These worms can still use for composting. They can still make for good composting worms by helping aerate and fertilize the soil. Other than that they also help make burrows of tunnels to allow air and water to flow into the system. They are also the best worms to make as fish bait. They live in the upper layers of the very rich organic matter in decaying litter piles. They do not develop burrows and aren't found deep in the subsoil, as are common garden earthworms. These attributes make the red wiggler appropriate for worm bin composting.

Humans use red European worms in vermicomposting bins to turn scraps like shredded paper, coffee grounds, and egg shells into compost with castings to provide nutrient-rich soil and natural fertilizer for their gardens. The process of using red live earthworms to convert organic matter into fertilizer is called vermicomposting.
★Product Name: Red European Live Earth Worms

★Type: Worms

★European Nightcrawlers : 3-5 Inches

◆ Can be used to feed birds, turtles, frogs,..etc
◆ Can be used as composting worm.
◆ Red Wigglers are good at producing worm casting.
◆ Breed quickly and easily to raise.

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☛Worms will be shipped in a breathable muslin cotton bag.

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